Self hosted WordPress.org

This site and almost all other sites I work with are based on WordPress, personally I run my own server farm at home and use the self hosted version of WordPress, but this is neither practical nor cost effective for 99% of people, for those there are many other options including:

Managed by WordPress.com

If you prefer there is a version at WordPress.com that offers both free and paid options, where the people who made WordPress will host and run it for you, it’s not the cheapest or most customisable verion but it’s reliable. I have a site on the free service that I set up for a past employer and other sites like BBC Top Gear are hosted on WordPress.com

Alternative (cheaper) WordPress hosting:

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

WooCommerce Hosting (WordPress Eccommerce)

Cheap WordPress Hosting for $2.99 a month

WordPress with Nginx and Full Page Caching

WPEngine Hosting UK

WPEngine Hosting USA

WordPress themes and plugins:

CyberChimps WordPress Themes