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ORIGINAL SCRATCH MAP COMPANY – When you buy scratch maps from Luckies of London, you’re getting the best, as we’re the first in the business. Started in 2009, our pin maps are made with pride in the UK
EIGHT UNIQUE SCRATCH MAPS – This blue scratch out world map diary contains eight scratch maps that are covered in gold foil.  Each one represents a different region of the world, so you can mark off where you’ve been and where you plan to go
DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW WORLD – With this scratch out travel journal, you’ll learn more than you ever knew about the world as you slowly reveal each country and cities within them


Luckies of London Original World Travel Journal, Red

When you use the original world scratch map travel journal by Luckies of London, you’ll get a travel diary containing 64 pages to document your travels and keep important notes and messages. The diary contains eight of our unique scratchable maps that feature different regions of the world. It truly is the ideal travel accessory for those who are always eager to visit new and exciting places while also documenting their travels.

With our where been pin maps, you’ll also be able to scratch out exactly where you’ve been in the world as well as take notes or mark off where you plan to go next. The journal has compartments to store ticket stubs, boarding passes, and another paper memorabilia.

This handy scratch map journal measures 3.5 x 2.6 cm, which makes it small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, or backpack when out traveling through the various countries and cities.  

If you love exploration then you can’t go wrong with one of our where been map travelogues made by the creators of the original scratch map, Luckies of London. This travel world scratch map diary is extremely durable, being able to stand up to even the most harrowing of adventures. When you return home, the maps are easy to hang up and display as eye-catching travel décor.  They’re a neat way to tell a story about your global excursions.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect travel gift for the friend or family member that always seem to use their frequent flier miles, then this travel journal is the perfect gift for them. 

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