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One of my co-workers introduced me and my family to Hello Fresh, we ordered our first box and while the choice of meals wasn’t 100% to our liking we found 3 meals we liked and decided to order 2 of them twice to make up a 5 day meal plan.

The order process is a bit backwards. I had to sign up before I picked my meals, but once I had signed up and picked the food and added some sides and puddings, we just had to wait for the food to arrive.

As this is a weekly delivery service, the order is for nearly 2 weeks in future (12 days to be exact) but then each week I can log in and pick what meals I want the following week, if any.

I can pause or cancel at any time and so far everything seems like it will be a great addition to our supermarket deliveries (where the quality of fresh produce and meat seems lower than if you were to pick the item yourself) while we can’t go shopping as much as we would like.

Because of the way Hello Fresh works I can’t see them sending out ‘bad’ food as people would just stop using them, it’s not in their interest to annoy or upset the customer by sending out a bruised veggie or off coloured piece of meat.

As I said for our family of 4 the family meal and meat and veg boxes both work out good value, my friend gets the Veggie box and again says it’s good value for money with the right amount of each food stuff rather than buying too much/too little at the supermarket.

The link again is here and if you use it you will get £20 off your next food box.

If you prefer you can use this link and I will not get kickback for refering you.

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