American Fizz & American Sweets

Who are American Fizz / American Sweets

American Fizz and American Sweets are now one and the same.

They are based in Poole on the south coast of the UK.

They are now only available on-line, the brick and morter shops have now closed, but they import some exclusive lines from the USA so you can get some unique items from these guys.

Delivery times:

Our first couple of orders took ages, like 14 days to arrive, (Covid was happening at this time, but there was no contact from American Fizz until they sent out our order) we didn’t chase them as why should we.

More recently they are getting better and the last couple of orders were delivered in 2 to 3 days from ordering.

Why do we rate so many American Fizz items badly?

This might seem weird but because we tend to buy more obscure items from American Fizz we tend to rate them lower, either because they don’t taste sour when they should or because it’s in our opinion just not a nice tasting product.

Mainstream American foods that can be bought anywhere (Reeses, M&Ms, Jolly Rancher, etc), tend to be the nicer, more popular items that every sweet shop sells and we can buy from our local sweet shop which offers free delivery.

We don’t like to do repeats so after the first few orders we started buying the more obscure items that are not always as nice as mainstream items but this doesn’t stop us from ordering from American Fizz every 4-6 weeks though especially if Bev notices a lot of new lines being added to the shop.

Whats with all the rubbish in the box?

Out boxes are always litterally packed with rubbish, cut up carboard boxes and such rather than bubble wrap or boxes that are the correct size.

I’m sure it’s a cost saving exercise but it’s really disapointing when I open the box and the first thng I see is your rubbish used to pack the empty space in the box, bubble wrap or packing paper would be a nicer option, I know you have it as you put 3 layers of bubble wrap on one moon pie.

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